Panther Beach | A Hidden Paradise


I’ve been dying to go to the beach since forever and I think we might just have discovered a new paradise, the Panther Beach. It’s 15 minutes away from Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Continue reading “Panther Beach | A Hidden Paradise”

Road Trip to Big Sur | Things I Love about Road Trips

I love road trips. It makes me appreciate the surroundings more. It makes me more aware, more conscious. I love playing music that I’ve never heard for years like the song “Perfect” by Simple Plan. Been singing that since grade school, brings back so many memories. I love random deep convos. Continue reading “Road Trip to Big Sur | Things I Love about Road Trips”

LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend

 City Lights. The Night Life. Crazy people (in a good way). Booze. Casinos.  Las Vegas is indeed one of the best place to celebrate your Birthday to. It’s like a paradise to most people. They didn’t call it Sin City for no reason but I behaved myself pretty well like I always do. Continue reading “LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend”