DIY Nike Fluffy/Faux Slides

Hey guys! Im so excited  to show you how to give extra “oomph” to your plain Nike Slides. We will turn it into Fluffy/ Faux Slides which will surely going to be a convo starter wherever you go. I’ve been trying to find this adorable slippers in the stores but I can’t find any of them anywhere. Then I came across this DIY video in youtube on how to make this Fluffy slides so I figured, why not give it a try. It’s pretty fun and easy to do!

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LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend

 City Lights. The Night Life. Crazy people (in a good way). Booze. Casinos.  Las Vegas is indeed one of the best place to celebrate your Birthday to. It’s like a paradise to most people. They didn’t call it Sin City for no reason but I behaved myself pretty well like I always do. Continue reading “LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend”