Sun Flower dream land


I finally get the chance to visit one of so many Sunflower Fields in Dixon, California. I’ve been wanting to go since last year but it was too late for me because they were all dried up last year around last week of August. Luckily, I was feeling good last Saturday and I randomly ask my husband to take me although we were both hesitant to go since we don’t really know the actual address of these fields.

I seriously relied on Instagram geotagging to see if there were still fields that aren’t dried up. The first 2 fields we saw was all dried and rotten, my heart almost sank but fortunately we didn’t give up and continued to drive the same road and found this last field still filled with alive sunflowers! It was just off the road and there were no entrance fee whatsoever, you just park and take photos as many as you want. Be careful with the bees though. It was worth the drive! We were there for quite a while and make sure we get to have lots of photos and time to appreciate the beauty of the Sunflowers. See, happiness doesn’t need to be pricey. Most of the things that can make us happy and feel more alive are free. ❤

Here’s the address the we typed in our GPS:

8747 Currey Road

Dixon, CA 95620


There are several fields of Sunflowers along the road. Best time to go is usually last week of July to 1st week of August. Use Instagram geotagging and type Dixon, California to check the latest posts of Sunflower Fields if there’s any.


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