DIY Pregnancy Milkbath Photoshoot

I’ve been looking for photo shoot ideas/ inspirations online and I came across this Milkbath Photoshoot from pinterest and I knew I wanted to do the same shoot but without breaking the bank. I know it is expensive to hire a professional photographer for Maternity shoots and I’d rather be saving up for my baby’s arrival so I figured I can just DIY it. My husband is a pretty good photographer; I just instruct or tell him how I wanted the pictures taken and we make a pretty great team. He is very patient too when it comes to my extraness so I’m pretty grateful.

Here are the things that you’ll need for this photo shoot:

  1. A bathtub (I used ours.) If you want to be a little extra, you can rent a hotel room with a nice & huge tub. Or a kiddie pool should do the trick
  2. 1 gallon of Milk- any kind of milk will do. I just diluted it with warm water to make sure I have enough to make the flowers float nicely.
  3. Flowers- I bought 2 sets of flowers at safeway (daisies & sunflowers) since I wanted it to be colorful. I also picked some flowers in our front yard & also some leaves to add some more drama to my pictures.
  4. A camera- you don’t need to use a professional one. We used both DSLR and my Iphone Camera. Just make sure you have good lighting in the bathroom to make the pictures look better.
  5. Photographer- It could be your significant other, your friend, or any family member. Or maybe you can use a selfie stick!
  6. Optional Props: Flower crown and a nice white long dress that you don’t mind getting wet. I got my flower crown and dress at Aliexpress.

How to Do it:

  1. Clean your bath tub first.
  2. Pour a gallon of milk then dilute it with warm water depending on how big your tub is. But do not overdo it tho, we need our solution to look like it’s still pure milk.
  3. Arrange the flowers. Put some around the tub making it look like a border in pictures. Add some leaves too. Be creative! Then put the flowers in the tub.
  4. When you’re all prepped up, hop in the tub then you’re ready for pictures!
  5. How to take the pictures: I had my husband stand on the sides of the tub. Do it very carefully, we don’t want no injures and wet cameras lol. Try different angles and have fun. Look for pose inspirations.
  6. Other Tip: If your lighting is not that good, you can always edit your photos. I edited mine using Lightroom CC in my phone. It’s free and it work wonders! I was able to intensify the flower colors and adjust the lightings and other things.

That’s it! Now you can do your own Milk Bath Photoshoot at home.


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