4 Pointers to be a Happier Version of You

STOP COMPLAINING. Complaining about these dissatisfactions on a regular basis may leave you feeling helpless, hopeless and unhappy. It affects your mood & self esteem. Focus on how you can make the situation better. Always find the silver lining.

SHARE WITH OTHERS. Share your knowledge, adventures, thoughts, time, food, etc. Sharing something with others is something that could help you feel better on the inside. Nothing will beat the joy of seeing the happiness you brought to someone else.

CONNECT & DISCONNECT. Be closer to people who cares and loves you; do not engage to people that are negative and toxic

BE CLOSER TO NATURE. Go hiking. Go to the beach. Away from the busy streets of the city. Listen to the waves and free your mind. Being close to nature decreases stress, anxiety and it may help you be kinder and more creative.

By the way this is one of my random hiking adventures with my friend Russell. We both needed a break from everything so we went to Henry Cowell to reconnect with nature and cleanse our minds. Remember, being happy is not always as easy but it is a choice and we should be in control.


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