25 Things I learned at 25

As I grow older, I discover a lot of things I never thought would change my perspective in life. And the things that I used worry about before does not matter that much anymore. I started feeling good about myself and I am more accepting of the things I cannot change nor control. I’ve accepted that I’m flawed and I shouldn’t feel bad about it. The naive little girl willing to give her whole universe to somebody learned to pace herself. She’s still there- deep inside, but she’s cautious not to give it all away again. She’s more reserved. After being a believer of somebody else’s potentials and uniqueness she finally learned to believe in herself as well. She still believes in people. She’s still kind, humble, empathetic and cheerful but she also became wiser, more focused and more mature. That girl from small town of Cavite, that girl who used to play tag with the boys when she was a kid, who loved to walk barefoot when she was at home, that shy girl rockin full bangs in high school, that girl who once froze after seeing and holding a real brain for the first time in her Anatomy class, that girl who was choked up after learning that she’s .5% away from getting the Best in Thesis award in College, that girl who used to get nervous around people and that girl who always believe in love,  is now 25. Pachuchay is now 25.

 And this is what life has taught her so far.

  1. Try to always have an open mind.
  2. Be humble and be grateful. 
  3. Travel. Go make your adventures. Create memories. Discovering new places and meeting new people will make you kinder and more grounded.
  4. Learn to walk away from someone or something that doesn’t give you purpose and happiness. Stop doing something that will not make you grow as an individual.
  5. Pay it forward. Respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else. My mom and my Aunt Cleo taught me to pass the good deeds they’ve done to me to others who needs it the most rather than returning the favor to them.
  6. Self Worth. Love yourself first.  Once you learned how to put yourself first and become generous to yourself, you will feel empowered and you won’t let nobody take you for granted. No matter how busy you are, always find some “you” time. Even when you’re in a relationship.  Take time to build yourself up. Be kind to yourself. Be someone you want to be friends with or someone you wanna fall in love with. Be yourself’s number 1 fan. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror. Tell yourself you’re beautiful, you’re talented. And even though you’re imperfect, you’re worth it and deserving.
  7. Seek first to understand before being understood.
  8. Let go of anger. It’s a very destructive emotion. Don’t hold grudges. Life is so much lighter without it.
  9. Change is scary and difficult but change is good.  Don’t just settle for a mediocre life because it’s convenient. Don’t be stagnant. Keep growing. Take risks.
  10. Learn to say NO. Don’t feel guilty turning down something you’re not comfortable with. Don’t sacrifice your own happiness and comfort just to please others.
  11.  Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow so you’d never take life for granted.
  12. God never says “NO” to your prayers. His only answers are “Yes.”  “Not yet.”  “I have better plans for you.”
  13. Cherish your parents. Call them and tell the random stories. Visit them for no reason. Tell them you care and love them. They’re growing old, appreciate them while they’re still around. Don’t wait til it’s too late.
  14. Find and get your happiness. No matter what that is. Go where you feel the most alive.
  15. Keep your good friends close. In this crazy world, you need friends that will keep you sane and  friends that you can also be insane with. They speak their minds when they think you’re out of line. Those who accept your flaws and 200 different other personalities. Those who understands that you’re being petty because you hangggryy. The ones that won’t judge you. They’re the real ones so take good care of your relationship with them.
  16. It’s okay to be emotional. Let yourself feel those negative emotions. Acknowledge them. Let yourself mourn at night. Cry, yes, cry if you have to. Recognize that feeling. But don’t let yourself soak in it. Learn to detach yourself from it.
  17. Don’t overthink & don’t expect too much.
  18. Enjoy the little things. You won’t realize how beautiful life is until you’ve learned to appreciate even the tiniest pieces of it.
  19. To err is human. We all make mistakes. We will have so many failures. Accept that it’s part of everyday life. So don’t be too harsh on yourself. Instead of beating yourself up, focus on how you’re going to make things right. Create a better version of yourself through your failures.
  20. Sometimes we lose people we care about along the way and it’s okay. Things are not always meant to be, things don’t always last forever. It sure is hard as hell to lose or let someone go but life goes on. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. No matter how hard it is, keep moving forward.
  21. It’s never too late to start a new chapter in your life.
  22. Breathe. Things will be okay. Look at the bright side.
  23. “Good things happen for those who wait but only what’s left for those who hustle.” Be a hustler. Go be a goal digger. But know when to slow down. Balance is key.
  24. Find your purpose. What keeps you going? What’s the reason why you do certain things? What makes you happy?  Touch people’s lives one day at a time. Do simple good deeds. It counts. So when you’re old and retired, you’d be proud to tell yourself, “Fuck yeah, I’ve lived a very meaningful life.”
  25. If you’re wondering which side of life will win.. Love wins.  Love always wins. Love in general. Love for yourself, love for someone or love for what you do. Be patient.
Pismo Beach | 2.25.17

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