Saturday Adventures | Davenport Cliffs


It’s March! I’ve officially started my month long birthday celebration and to start off with my birthday adventures, I’ve decided to go to Davenport Cliffs and tag along my new friend, Russell. We didn’t expect anything going there, but we fell in love hard as soon as we saw the view. It truly is breathtaking. It’s like this paradise that’s just waiting for us to discover.

Shark Fin Cove Beach

Davenport lies along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, situated about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz, on Highway One. It’s perfect for a scenic walk, picnic, hiking, surfing, taking photographs and they said, best view to watch the whales migrating during Winter time.

Davenport Beach Pier Swing.
That’s the cliff that you need to climb down on if you want to take a closer look of the pier swing. 

How unfit people feel a.k.a. us after hiking up and down the cliff.
Hey shy girl.

For me, this is a perfect place to just relax, free your mind, appreciate life and reflect on things. It’s like you’re stopping time and you don’t need to worry about things. You’re just enjoying the moment. It may sound corny, but it really is life changing. This place is therapeutic.


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