Halloween 2016

I’m probably a little late posting this but I thought I’d show you my costume for halloween. I love halloween. Other than loving the adrenaline of going to horror houses, and the joy of carving pumpkins, SFX makeup is something I really enjoy doing. I started getting into it when I discover the show Face Off. I was so amazed on how they create their out of this world characters and bring it to life. But the technique that they use there is pretty advance though, I keep mine basic and easy to do.

Like this Nurse right here who eats brains with her nasty big-toothed Mouth. Funny thing is, I did my make up in front boss during our lunch break. For the teeth, I used paper clay that I molded the night before to save time. Other materials I used were tissue paper, Latex glue, paint (black & red) and the fake blood. Fake blood makes everything look more realistic.

The moment I stepped out our office, people started making different reactions when they see me which is kinda pretty cool. Some were horrified, amazed, curious, etc. For me, my goal is met. Oh, and I won 3rd prize in our Halloween Costume Party!


This is the make up that I did for him this year  which we called “The blown face Zombie”. It was just a last minute decision to go for this look. It’s made out of tissue paper mostly. I put some maggots (made out of paper clay) to make it look nastier. Then I painted it with black and red face paint and put fake blood all over his face to make it look very realistic. And he won 1st Prize! yay

By the way, here’s our costumes last year.

Serving you Scary Nun, right before Valak was even cool.
The Nun and Smiley

Meanwhile, this is our costumes for our girls’ night out 🙂

Trish (1)

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