Panther Beach | A Hidden Paradise


I’ve been dying to go to the beach since forever and I think we might just have discovered a new paradise, the Panther Beach. It’s 15 minutes away from Santa Cruz Boardwalk. If you’re looking for a more peaceful and less crowded beach, this beach is perfect for you. The view is just breathtaking. From its Rock Formations, to the sky blue sea water, to its big waves- It’s prolly one of the prettiest beach I’ve ever been to.


Now, going to this paradise isn’t that quite easy. As we parked along the highway, I was a lil hesitant to go because I don’t see any beach close. Then we passed through a railway (which I think is cool) and then we needed to go down a rocky hill (which isn’t too bad). You’d be so stoked as you approach the beauty of this hidden paradise.

Every second I spent there was worth it. You can do rock climbing, surfing, or just chill and enjoy the sun. And just a little information, this is a nudist beach. So don’t be surprise if you see an old man running around with literally nothing on.





To some of you that’s been wondering how I stay in shape, I don’t wanna sound conceited but I actually don’t do anything. I don’t exercise (I’m not proud of it, I’m the worst). I can’t even run for 5 minutes. I hike once in awhile but I’d end up in a buffet restaurant afterwards. I eat like a man too. In fact, been trying to gain weight since high school. I guess, my metabolism is just fast and I got good genes from my Mama.



My bruise from paintball is still visible. 😦

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