Road Trip to Big Sur | Things I Love about Road Trips

I love road trips. It makes me appreciate the surroundings more. It makes me more aware, more conscious. I love playing music that I’ve never heard for years like the song “Perfect” by Simple Plan. Been singing that since grade school, brings back so many memories. I love random deep convos. Talking about good memories, life lessons and future plans and goals. I love discovering places and creating new memories. Things that money can’t buy. Things that noone can take away from you. I love to capture moments. I wanna make sure I have photographs of places that I’ve been to. For me, Im creating my own history. It may not matter to other people but it’s like an achievement to me.


Me casually hanging on this bridge like a thug.
And ofc he gotta do it too. Lol


The breathtaking view of the coast.


Big Sur or “The Big South” is one of the best places to visit in Northern California because of it’s stunning terrain views. Your eyes will be satisfied with breathtaking sceneries of Big Sur’s 90 miles coastline. But aside from that, one of it’s main attraction is this Bixby Creek Bridge built in 1932. It’s considered one of the most photographed bridges along Pacific Coast because of it’s aesthetic design.




Me snapping. Snapchat : trishuy



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