DIY Nike Fluffy/Faux Slides

Hey guys! Im so excited  to show you how to give extra “oomph” to your plain Nike Slides. We will turn it into Fluffy/ Faux Slides which will surely going to be a convo starter wherever you go. I’ve been trying to find this adorable slippers in the stores but I can’t find any of them anywhere. Then I came across this DIY video in youtube on how to make this Fluffy slides so I figured, why not give it a try. It’s pretty fun and easy to do!

Here are the things that you need;

  • Nike Slides or any kind Slippers you have
  • Marabou Boa (2 yards)– here’s the link.  (Be careful buying boa online, not all of them looks the same in pictures, some ended up looking flat and it looked like chicken’s feather. Learn from my mistake.)
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks or Super Glue (but seriously use Glue Gun!)
  • Scissors
  • ..and FAITH that you can pull this off!


First, trace where you wanna glue your Boa on your strap so you kinda have an idea on how it’s going to look like. Once you’re ready and decided, put generous amount of hot glue on the strap of your slide one line/section at a time. Hot glue tends to dry really fast that’s why you need to hurry in placing the Boa on top of it then push it down against the strap while waiting for it to dry just to make sure the Boa wont move around. Work your way down until you reach the other end of the strap.

Make sure the first section is nice and dry before you move forward to the the next one. Instead of cutting the Boa and starting over to glue it back on, just loop it around the end of the strap and continue gluing into your next section (if that makes sense). I’ve decided to just do 2 sections since my Boa is pretty fluffy, it covers the whole area that I wanted to be covered. Once you’re done with your last section, cut the excess Boa  and make sure you put enough glue to keep them in place. You can always go back to parts where you feel like the boa is not stuck enough, just put enough glue and again, put pressure.


Cut extra fur on both sides and in front for last touches depending on your liking. Just imagine giving your fur a little haircut. Please use big scissors, I can’t find mine so I have no choice but to use these tiny scissors ugh but it worked out fine, it just took me more time trimming coz it’s tiny.

Frame-26-04-2016-10-46-02 (1)

And Voila! You now have your very own Nike Fluffy/Fur Slides. They’re selling these too in amazon for i think, $40 bucks? Not that bad actually. You can just buy those if you don’t have the time to do this on your own. Either way, these slippers are worth having.


First Attempt- FAIL!!!!

Guys, don’t worry if you failed at first try. This is the very reason why I recommend you to use hot glue rather than Super Glue. With hot glue, you can always redo this DIY without damaging your slippers and the Boa.

Frame-26-04-2016-10-48-13 (1)

Trying to remove everything so I can start over.

At first try, I tried to do 3 rows which ended up looking really weird so I’ve decided to redo it. I was praying when I was removing the dried glue  for I’m scared that I totally messed everything up but thank goodness it didn’t damage both my slippers and boa so I reused the boa and did 2 rows instead. So don’t worry, don’t stress, All is well.


Hope you guys learned something cool today! xx

Trish (1)

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