LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend

 City Lights. The Night Life. Crazy people (in a good way). Booze. Casinos.  Las Vegas is indeed one of the best place to celebrate your Birthday to. It’s like a paradise to most people. They didn’t call it Sin City for no reason but I behaved myself pretty well like I always do.

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My favorite view in the strip, The Eiffel Tower.

This was an unplanned weekend get away, my husband went home friday night and he’s like “pack your things, we are driving to vegas at 3am.” First of all, one should never rush a girl to pack, it will take us 2 business days to decide what to wear. Lmao. But hey, this is Vegas so I can’t complain so I grabbed 3 pairs of shoes and any clothes I can find that’s good for 7 days even though Im not gonna wear all of ’em.IMG_20160318_154843

Caesar Palace – Reminds me of the movie Hang Over

I immediately fell in love with this place and If i would describe it to any day of the week, it’s going to be Friday. Every corner is like a movie scene. The long drive is totally worth it. I wish we could stay for another day or 2 but our time is very limited but we made the best of it. Here are some of the photos that I took using my phone

Our Hotel.
Birthday Outfit : Black Jumpsuit – Forever 21 | Cardigan- Express | Kanye West Flats- Giuseppe Zannotti | Purse- Chanel



It’s a crazy scene along the strip and I love it. It’s like the perfect place made for people trying to escape from reality. I enjoyed every minute of my stay in this Fabulous City and I don’t ever wanna leave. I don’t think what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas coz I carried it with me. Good memories. Im still hung over, with the fun and excitement though.

And of course, this Vegas trip would never be completed without visiting the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn as seen on Pawnstars. It’s one of my favorite shows. The items that they’re featuring on their show are pretty interesting. Learning about random old things was never this fun. Im bummed that I didn’t see any of the stars (especially the Grumpy Old Man) but being there was good enough for me.


It was indeed a Happy Birthday! I wanna thank my hubby for making this trip happen. Can’t believe Im 24 already, time needs to chill coz I swear I was just 21 last week.

I have so many blessings that I am so thankful for. Even though there’s a lot of ups and downs but as long as i know that I am surrounded with people who truly cares and loves me, i know I’ll be okay. Every day is an adventure. I cant wait to make more adventures in the future.

IMG_20160315_120005 (1)



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