Top 5 Lies Women Tell Men

Women are hard to figure out sometimes..  I mean most of the time, especially when we’re on our period. Estrogen level is so high, we could pop off to pretty much everything. But it’s not always because of the hormones though. Men are impatient most of the time, they don’t bother to dig deeper to the problem, sometimes they just ignore the signs even though they’re well aware that something is going on or something’s bothering their girl. Sometimes they just don’t wanna deal with it which could lead to more complicated misunderstandings. In order to understand women, men should read between the lines.

How guys feel when their trying to figure out what upsets their girl

We tell lies because we don’t wanna hurt our man’s feelings or ego, or we’re not ready to speak about something  yet and needs a little bit of push to finally open up,  or sometimes we just want our man to just be sensitive enough to know how we really feel without us telling them. What we say is not always what we mean.

Here are the top lies we tell to our man;

5. “Dont get me anything. Im Okay.”


Guys listen, we want something. Valentines, Christmas, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Monthsary  or any other occasion is important to ladies. Get her anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a little something, she might tell you she will not expect anything from you but trust me, she will. Sometimes even when you’re just going to the mall, or to the store or to a restaurant, part of her is thinking or hoping that you’ll get her something because you care about her or you think of her when you’re not together. Sounds pretty needy but most girls are like that. We love to feel well appreciated. Don’t disappoint your girl.

Happy girlfriend/wife, happy Life.


4. “Nothing’s wrong.”

Ever noticed her being silent and when you asked her what’s wrong and she’d replied “Nothing”, It means something is wrong and you need to be worried.You got to go back and think if you did something or said something that might have upset. If you just brushed it off and you replied “Okay”, that’s how you die. That will trigger the anger that she’s been holding. Don’t make her explode like a volcano, do something before it’s too late.


Reasons why women say this;

  •  We’re not ready to talk about it yet, we don’t know where to start or how to express it. We are too emotional and  we don’t want to say harsh words that could hurt our man as much as possible. Give her some time but assure her that you’re willing to listen once she’s ready.
  • Something petty is bothering her and she’s afraid to open up because you might just laugh at her or you might think she is crazy. Be open minded.
  • You did something wrong and she wants you to figure it out. Approach her and make her feel that you’re trying. She’s not gonna let loose easily but if she see’s your persistence, victory is yours.

3. “Im fine”


This is  probably the trickiest phrase ever. It could mean different things depending on the situation. We say this because we are either done with the bullsh*t, we’re outrageous, stressed, exhausted, pissed, starving or all of the above.

Do you know how frustrating it is when nobody cares to figure out what’s really bothering us? That makes us even more upset.

So if you hear you girl say this phrase, make an effort to figure out why. She would appreciate it.   She prolly had a bad day and just wanting your hug. She probably a little jealous of some girl on your social media feed but she’s not comfortable to tell you because you might think she’s petty.

But if she’s not ready to tell you yet, dont force her, give her some time. The gesture of you trying will make her feel better already. When all else fails, give her food, that always work.

2. “Go ahead. Do whatever you want”

If you hear her say this, It’s a Trap! Do not move a finger and abort mission, I repeat abort mission. DO NOT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. It’s not a permission, it is a test and if you failed it, it’s a wrap. If you continue to do the thing that she’s upset about, that could only mean one thing to her, you’re choosing it over her.


What she really mean is: Stay at home and spend time with her.

So if you dont wanna see your girl transform into a Super Saiyan, you better cancel your plan and try another day. Who knows? She might say yes. Or maybe nah.

1. “Im not mad at you”

The struggle is real

Every girl is guilty of this. It’s the absolute opposite. If she could only attack you with hadouken, kamehameha and gomugomu no, she would, at once. Notice her facial expressions; raised eyebrows? Eyes rolling? Yup, you’ve done wrong.

Example scenario is when you forgot your Anniversary, she pretends that she’s not mad and will just brush it off. But truth is she’s been hoping that you’re up to do something special for her but it turned out that you totally forget about it. She’d halfheartedly pretend that it is okay, that she doesn’t really care but the truth of the matter is, she’s hurt. So you gotta do something to make it right.  ASAP. Do not let the day pass by without fixing the problem.

I admit, it’s not easy to understand women. Most of us had been through so much and we tend to build high walls to protect ourselves from getting hurt. We don’t want to keep you guys out, we just want to see if you really care enough to knock the walls down. We just want your attention and affection.

If you love her, it’s worth it.


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