Is it Summer Yet?

We wait all week for Friday. We wait all year for Summer. I mean what’s not to love about summer?  Summer is my fave season because I get to wear clothes like crop tops and shorts, which also means less laundry. I get to wear sandals rather than boots. To students, summer means freedom because there’s no school, no homework, just fun fun fun!

There’s too many things to do like going to festivals / fairs, picnics and of course the beach, one of my fave places to go to if I need to unwind. Vacations are the best during summer, endless activities to do and packing is easier since you’re just going to bring light clothes.

I love summer here in Cali but nothing can beat summer in the Philippines. You can go to different world class beaches like El Nido and Boracay. You can also visit Siargao the Surfing capital of the Philippines. We have 7,107 islands that you can visit.

And while you’re there dont miss to try our Summer food like;


Homemade ice cream made by mamang sorbeteros who walk around the city streets to sell this yummy sorbetes. Common flavors are cheese (yes, cheese!), mango, chocolate and my favorite, Ube.


I love making this at home every summer, it’s pretty easy to make and it’s so addicting. Hopefully, i have the time to share the recipe.


This is kinda the same with Mais con yelo since it also has milk and ice but they’re very different in taste. You can eat this warm too! I just learned how to make this and Im excited to try it out for the first time.

and lastly, the famous


(Halo is a tagalog word that means mix in english)

This the most popular food to eat in the Philippines during summer, a lot of Filipinos made different versions of it. They sell this from the streets to fast food chains to restaurants. Filipinos are crazy about Halo- Halo. Im one of them! Best way to beat the 100 degrees fahrenheit heat.

It’s a mix of different ingredients like sweetened banana, Nata de coco, beans,  jelly, macapuno, brown sugar, ice and topped with Leche Flan, Ube (Purple Yam), Sweetened langka (Jackfruit), milk and Ube Ice cream. Put some pinipig as a bonus ingredient.

Now you see why I love summer so much. It’s everything. I just can’t wait til June where Summer officially begins. Im just so lucky that I live here in California, it feels like home.

What about you? What’s your favorite season?

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